International Woman’s Day

AFESU Veleiros’ students visited one of the most important enterprises in the financial market


The International Woman’s Day, March 8th, is a very important date, established to remember women’s achievements in social, political and economic environment. To celebrate this special date, AFESU organized a field trip to the head office of Bloomberg, in São Paulo.

The beneficiaries of two projects, Gastronomia e Eventos (Gastronomy and Events) and Gestão e Tecnologia (Management and Technology) visited Bloomberg, an enterprise that provides financial information and news, present in more than 120 countries. The field trip contemplated a guided tour around the working place, talks and dynamics, escorted by Cristiane Carneiro and Regiane Massocco, leaders on human resources at Bloomberg. The activities contemplated current themes, such as the importance of human education, social and emotional abilities for a good professional, the right posture on a working place, professional orientation, the best way to conciliate work and life at home and the importance of choosing wisely, inspiring the girls with personal experiences.