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Endowment AFESU

Formation that changes now and forever

To be able to attend girls and women, who are in a situation of social vulnerability, totally free of charge, AFESU counts on a large group of donors, partners and volunteers, who have been engaging to the cause for over 50 years of history. Moreover, AFESU also counts on government and companies’ fees to keep its activities.

Endowment AFESU was created thinking about the future which, through specific donations, aims to make over the years a patrimony to invest in the Brazilian financial market and whose real income (above inflation) can be reverted in benefit of the organization itself.

In this way, Endowment AFESU will significantly contribute to the perpetuity of the entity’s mission.


– Regulation developed by Pinheiro Neto lawyer’s office, with clauses that foresee the accounting and managerial segregation of Endowment resources regarding the operational resources of the entity.

– Investment policy developed by a team of specialists from the financial market which assure the resources to be applied in a conservative way, primarily with Government bonds of fixed income that pay above inflation.

Management and Governance

The resources applied at patrimonial fund of AFESU strictly follow principles of management and governance that assure solidity and transparency in its operations.

Thereunto, the fund counts on a supervising council, which is formed by experienced and committed professionals.

Supervising council

Rodrigo Veiga

Octavio Magalhães

Daniel Bastos Venturini

Benefits for donators

– Disclosure and acknowledgement of the donor at AFESU’s website and in media where Endowment AFESU is disclosed

– Regular accountability on the performance of Endowment AFESU

How to donate

To the composition of Endowment AFESU, the donations may be singular or recurring in a practical and convenient way. Bank data:

AFESU – Associação Feminina de Estudos Sociais e Universitários
Bank Bradesco
Agency 00105
Checking account: 0018452-7
E-mail to send the payment voucher:: [email protected]

“We believe that the private sector may help reduce the education inequalities, so that the new generations have better opportunities of building a better and fairer country.”

Juan Carlos Felix, president of Carlyle Group